A Summer’s Tale


From the Distance.

And I still remember the first time you were there. Spring or Autumn, or whatever in between – turning around all fell silent and golden. A turn in blissful sweet glaze and you! Since then: Lingering around, searching those grey hallways & endless staircases between shades and lectures

– sometimes!

observing the sun rise in your waves. Swimming through days and always always ending up in sticky, dark waters – without a word!

There you were – close. Finally. And words stumbling out of me, falling from my narrow lips. Slowly & silent. You compared your hand against mine – and I remember: I loved your touch. Your hand shaping mine, yet not taking hold of it. Then you let go.All was pure summer – yellowish white blazing sun. The world was gold. But don’t ask me about seasons! Light shaping our way. Long afternoons in the park – the tictoc of the Jeu de Boules, blinded by the red of your sunshine.

When words had left me again. And you. You wouldn’t stop teasing me. Investigating the whereabouts of my sense & senses. Digging constantly – deep into my being. And I just smiled your questions away. And succeeded. Mostly. Miserably.

We walked – back & forth and back & forth – through endless fields of gold with no destination but the middle. And I agreed to answer you – back there in the middle where our worlds were already one. When the light summer’s breeze stopped whispering through the shiny grass and we let ourselves sink into summer’s gold, my words exhaled, flying on light particles, and I believe when entering your consciousness, I didn’t see a single glimpse in the deep shiny grass of your eyes. For a moment: I was afraid. To fall

Out of Summer

But the golden light held us there while you took hold of my hand. Then: we had to part. That moment of fear; and silence took me away. Your infinite green pulled me inwards, your hands reaching for mine as your lips sweetly laid sunshine on mine and I rushed home on waves of light.

2015 by La Ravalera

Cold Melon Soup

Here in Barcelona it’s summer – hot hellish like summer. These days a heat wave struck and combined with BCN’s usual humidity, I’m far from being hungry, and all I can think of when it comes to eating is having something cold, light, healthy & easy to make. Most head for a salad or – when thinking about cold soups – a Gazpacho, but a real good alternative to those rather known summer dishes is a cold melon soup:


Ingredients (4 servings):

1/2 ‘Piel de Sapo’ melon

1/2 cucumber (a piece about 20cm long)

2 garlic cloves

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (use a special one for salads – not for cooking)

salt & pepper to season



A few slices of Jamón Ibérico Bellota – Pata Negra

You can also add some mint leaves that you puree in the beginning with the other ingredients.


Peel the cucumber, cut it and the melon into even pieces, and put them into a high bowl. Peel the garlic and add it as well. Puree everything with a mixer. Add 2-3 spoons of olive oil at the end and mix well. Season with salt & pepper and leave in the fridge for at least 1h. If you want to add a bit of jamón bellota, take it out of the fridge about 20mins before serving the soup so it can evolve its full flavours at room temperature.

Fill the cold soup into soup plates. Rip the jamón gently into pieces and place those in the middle of the soup. Drizzle a bit of olive oil over it and garnish with some chopped chives and the entire chive stems.