La Focaccia de Alfonso

What happens when you are alone at home, it’s miserable, dark and cold outside and you are in the mood for a decent pizza but there’s just none available and you don’t trust in your own pizza dough skills in order to make one? You do a Focaccia! It’s just so easy and recently marvellous Alfonso, who shall be mentioned again in a future blog post, passed me a basic, very easy focaccia dough recipe:

Preheat the oven to 180ºC.

1kg plain flour

500ml hot water

About 5 tablespoons of Virgin Olive Oil

1 pack of active dry yeast

A pinch of salt

Mix the flour with the dry active yeast and a pinch of salt. Then add the hot water slowly while constantly mixing all the ingredients thoroughly and add the Virgin Olive Oil afterwards – keep kneading the dough for at least 10 minutes. Leave the dough ball in a bowl that you cover with a clean kitchen towel. Best is if you keep it in a warm place so the dough rises faster. This should be the case after about 30mins.

Focaccia Dough

You can store leftover focaccia dough for the next day – just make sure you cover it in transparent film and keep it in the fridge

So what to put on top? Well, whatever you prefer and whatever your fridge has to offer. I first drizzled some more Virgin Olive Oil over the spread out focaccia dough and then went for Kumato Cherry Tomatoes, dried tomatoes, Mozzarella chunks and some green pesto sauce:

Covered Focaccia

Prepared for the oven?

Then you bake your focaccia at 180ºC for about 15-20mins. Keep checking on it from time to time because each oven is a bit different, I always say and what works for mine might not work for yours.

I didn’t prepare the focaccia dough with 1kg of plain flour – I only took 250g. That made two decent sized focaccias. So depending on if you’re cooking for more people or just for yourself, you just divide the quantities of the ingredients accordingly.

So is your mouth watering by now? Just give it a go – it’s super easy & fast – aaaaaand delicious!!!

Alfonso's Focaccia